Nathalie Karagiannis

This place brings together some of my  writing´s languages and topics – those that are or will be published. It stands on three intertwined assumptions. The first is the acceptance of a certain chronological and spatial order, despite the fact that the thinking life thrives under conditions of disorder. The second is that the images are, simultaneously, doors to the texts and homages to artists whose work I admire and who Ι have been inspired by. Life’s and the mind’s texture would be greatly impoverished without them and without the perspective they open towards areas unutterable by text. The third is that the division between poetry and theory is porous: thinking takes place when writing each, and as soon as one kind of text is there, it informs the other kind of text. Thus, re-vers-ible: texts can be written and read on different sides; they can be undone. If anything is left, it will be a verse or the intuition of a direction: vers.


In the English version of this website, there are theoretical texts originally written in English, and poetical texts translated into German and French.


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